Polished Concrete Flooring

In the past few years since adhesives have had to dial down their VOC content and remove a lot of the solvents from their formulas, I believe the performance of these products have changed a great deal.  In the case of flooring adhesives, beware my friends.   There has been a surge of documented failures of adhesives for vinyl composition tile and sheet goods.  Flooring manufacturers want to blame the architects and contractors and visa versa.  My recommendation is to avoid these two flooring products all together.  They are not only problematic due to poor adhesive performance, they are not a very sustainable product choice due to the heavy maintenance cost involved in keeping them looking good. 

Polished concrete flooring is a good alternative to consider. If you specify the right type of finishing products they can be beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.  Avoid the popular and easy to use film-forming membranes.

Pictures to illustrate products after five years of use:

Polished Concrete Flooring - Architectural Blog - Building Specifications Missouri | ARCHI-SPECS - film_forming First picture is of a film-forming product after 5 years of wear.  See the path worn in the finish?





Polished Concrete Flooring - Architectural Blog - Building Specifications Missouri | ARCHI-SPECS - Penetrating_StainThe second picture is of a penetrating-type stain in the same pathway of use, after 5 years of wear.





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