Need Construction Specifications for Your Building Project in Republic MO?

Construction Specifications ARCHI-SPECS is your most trusted source for accurate, comprehensive technical specifications for your building project. Crafting quality construction specifications is often the last task that design teams complete since many don't have the proper time to allocate to the task before documents need to be completed. When you entrust your spec writing to ARCHI-SPECS, our editing interface console enables your drawings to communicate with our systems to create a detailed set of unique specifications for your project.

After reviewing the current protocol for writing specifications, we begin each project by creating a start-up document called a Project Checklist. This checklist includes:
  • STEP 1: Create Project Checklist to determine scope and preferences
  • STEP 2: Create Preliminary Table of Contents
  • STEP 3: Create Specification Outline for Design Development Review (products only)
  • STEP 4: Complete 95% Specification Review With Construction Drawings -- joint review of Binding/Model Validation Report
  • STEP 5: Publish and print Final Specifications (Divisions 2-14) for incorporation into the Project Manual

Our quality control review is based upon a combination of the following sources:
  • AIA's Best Practices Quality Control Checklist
  • Automated Tools provided within Autodesk's software for Revit and AutoCadd
  • Manual Checklists developed by ARCHI-SPECS
ARCHI-SPECS can help you save time and money with our up-to-date specification content. Call us today to request a quote.