Architectural Spec Writing

Architectural Spec Writing Springfield Missouri | ARCHI-SPECS - specwritingEach building project is unique and deserves the "value added" component of a custom ARCHI-SPECS specification.

ARCHI-SPECS utilizes MASTERSPEC and eSpecs editing software for both REVIT and AUTOCADD drawings.

Each ARCHI-SPECS project starts with a team conference to review current protocol for generating specifications. This is where we learn about your preferences and develop a start-up document called a Project Checklist.

ARCHI-SPECS works with the project team to complete the following project steps:

STEP 1: Create Project Checklist to determine scope and preferences

STEP 2: Create Preliminary Table of Contents

STEP 3: Create Specification Outline for Design Development Review (products only)

STEP 4: Complete 95% Specification Review With Construction Drawings – joint review                    of Binding/Model Validation Report

STEP 5: Publish and print Final Specifications (Divisions 2-14) for incorporation                                  into the Project Manual

Exclusions from Services - Portions of Project Manual not provided by ARCHI-SPECS:

Division 0 - Procurement and Contracting Requirement by PM

Division 1 - General Requirements by PM

Division 9 - Door Hardware Specification by client's hardware specialist.

Consultants Specification

  • Structural Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Landscape Architects
  • MEP Engineers

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